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Britney Jean Spears was born December 2, 1981 in Kentwood, LA to Jamie and Lynn. Britney has an older brother Brian ans a younger Sister Jamie Lynn. Britney began performing at an early age, and when she was 8, she auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club. Although she was too young for the show, a producer saw her potential and helped her secure an agent in New York City where Britney spent the next three years studying dance and music at the renowned Off-Broadway Dance Center and Professional Performing Arts School. She also had small roles in commercials, theatre and films. She also began appearing in national commercials and Off-Broadway shows including the 1991 comedy, "Ruthless," based on the 1956 thriller "The Bad Seed." "At 10 I was playing this really bad child who seems real sweet but she`s evil too. It was so much fun," she recalls. Britney`s big chance came when she tuned 11. Now she was old enough to earn a spot on the Mickey Mouse Club and starred on the popular show for two years, relocating with her family to Orlando. "It was fun for awhile but I started getting itchy to get out again and see the world" After her stint on TV, Britney returned home but she still had dreams of making it in the music industry. "I`ve always wanted to be a singer," she declares. Armed with those desires and a powerful voice, Britney Spears nude went back to New York when she was 15 and began to make the rounds of record labels. She sang accapella for executives at Jive Records who saw and heard right away that in the teenager from Kentwood, LA, there were the makings of a star. Britney was signed soon after her audition and began work thereafter on what would become "Baby One More Time." Britney Spears naked

Britney Spears nude
The most noticeable aspect of the single, the video and the album is maturity, which is just what Britney had in mind. "People have to remember that when I did my first album I was only 16. I had never been in the studio, it was all new to me and so before I let people help me out and honestly I think that was because I was just so new to the music industry, not only because I was young. But making records and being part of the process and becoming more in charge of my sound was something I had to experience and grow with and on this album I’ve had the chance to do that. This album is closer to who I am. It’s funkier!" Yes, we love Britney Spears nude pictures. And here are the top misspelled names of Britney: Britney Spears nude, Brittney Spears, Britany Spears, Briteny Spears, Britny Spears, Britney Spear.