Britney Spears Begging K-Fed To Come Back

According to close friends of Kevin Federline, Britney Spears has allegedly been making late-night phone calls to K-Fed in hopes of getting him back. They also say Britney's relationship with Isaac Cohen is just a ruse to make Kevin jealous. Other sources say Britney is completely over him and that when they do talk it's about their two kids.

According to these sources, the reports that Britney will ante up $25 mil to K-Fed to end their marriage are ridiculous. One connected source says the $25 million figure is grossly inflated, "by 25 times." In other words, the bad news is that K-Fed will be a millionaire. The good news -- just barely.
I'm pretty sure Kevin Federline's "close friends" are really just him calling up reporters from his motel room and pretending to be other people. And after making up fake stories about himself he lies in bed crying, wishing he didn't have to save money for breakfast so he could order some porn. EDIT: I added some more pics of Britney Spears at Target because, well, they're funny.