Directv is the leading satellite provider in the United States. There are many reasons for this. They offer the most tv channels} in the breathtaking high definition format. They have more sporting event choices than any other television provider. Their customer service is the best in the business. They have a greater number of channels than their competitors. These are simply a few of the characteristics that make directv the greatest satellite tv company in the world. Still, there is one feature that directv offers that trumps anything else. That is the award winning Directv on demand.

Directv on demand is a pay-per-view service that directv offers. It allows customers to choose from their favorite movies, sporting events, and live concerts. All are offered through the Directv on demand service. Customers just look through their programming guide and find the programming they desire. Then they hit "select" on their remote controls. The guide will ask them if they are sure they want to buy the program they have chosen. The client then picks "OK" by hitting the select button a 2nd time. The customer can then watch the purchased program they have selected through this wonderfully easy-to-use service.

The most widely selected option for Directv on demand customers is the great movies on demand that they have. They get all the latest and greatest hit Hollywood films as soon as they are released on video, and even sometimes prior to their video release. Customers can pick the movie they want to watch ; they then have 24 hours to watch their selected movie as many times as they desire. This flexible option is one of the most frequently mentioned features that most directv customers say they enjoy the most.

Directv on demand also provides all the great live pay-per-view sporting events that their customers desire. Whether it's a much awaited boxing prize fight, the latest UFC Championship, or an adrenaline-filled wrestling match, directv provides the most sporting event options in the business.

Directv also provides free movies on demand. These movies are Hollywood classics that are available for customers to watch anytime they want. The best part is that this service is absolutely free to all customers.

The quantity of programming that is available on directv at the push of a button is simply stunning. Do yourself a favor and join their directv service. You will be happy you did. And remember, directv comes with free satellite dish installation.

DIRECTV makes your TV perform at its best. With access to 130+ HD channels today, and the capacity for more than 200+ HD Channels, DIRECTV brings more HD to you than anyone else!† With more than 285 channels, DIRECTV brings you the most in sports, Movies, and family entertainment. Plugging your supercharged TV into regular ordinary cable is like pouring diesel fuel into a high performance race car. Why settle for anything less than DIRECTV?

For the tenth year in a row, DIRECTV scored higher in customer satisfaction than cable companies measured in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. And by the way, read the government rules for installing a dish.