ABC Wednesday Night

Written by Sherri Hicks
I am sure I’ve said it before, but the Wednesday night lineup on ABC is quite literally the best few hours of television on all week. The Middle never fails to crack me up in its realistic portrayal of American family life, and Modern Family, while portraying a very different sort of family, is also hilarious. The newest additions to the lineup, Suburgatory and Happy Endings, are welcome additions this year. The two shows that were in their slots last year weren’t as strong, and didn’t do that awesome lineup justice. I watched the other two shows because they were on and were marginally funny, but I did not look forward to them all week like I do now. These are the only four shows in a row that my husband and I can absolutely agree on every single week. He might be holed up in his man cave every other night of the week playing his Xbox or watching some boring documentary, but on Wednesday nights we are sitting on the couch together, enjoying our shows on I love it!