Paris Hilton Drunk Video

Paris Hilton is clearing up rumors about a new song of hers that was leaked online last week. Hilton says that despite online reports to the contrary, “Drunk Text” isn’t a new track, but actually an old song that someone leaked. Paris clarified things on her personal website, writing:

Hey guys, I’m getting a lot of tweets about this song that just leaked. No, this is not my new single. It’s just a demo I did for fun with friends a while ago. My new single will be out in the next few months with Afrojack and a very special surprise guest. Can’t wait for you all to hear it, such a fun club song! Love you guys!
While Paris maintains the song is “just a demo,” she did shoot a music video for it. Representatives for Paris Hilton are dismissing reports suggesting a video that made its way online is the star's new pop single. Gossips claims the dance track, Drunk Text, was Hilton's first release from an album she's working on with LMFAO, but her publicist insists the tune is an old track that will not be part of any new project.
You can check out that video below.